Selfies with Peter Pan at Disneyland

This is the first pic I’ve taken of myself by myself at @disneyland! 

I know it might sound weird to some (though probably not to my Disney loving friends) that I sometimes go to the park by myself but I actually love doing it sometimes. Disneyland is such a second home to me that it just feels like I’m walking around in my neighborhood, like a really cool, fun and happy neighborhood haha! I get to window shop as much as I want, try all the new treats and take as much time as I want walking around.

This time I took a small gorilla tripod with me just in case I wanted to capture anything like my outfit or a cool time lapse. I kept getting compliments on my outfit so I was like, well I guess I should document it haha. I started to set up the tripod and my remote (the tripod looks like a little octopus and the legs supposedly are supposed to wrap around things to keep it still) but it was such a pain in the butt and I was feeling so self conscious as people kept walking by. It literally was taking me 20 minutes and I was about to give up until some Disney magic happened. As I was setting up Peter Pan came by hahha and the camera finally stabilized itself so he helped me take some test shots haha (swipe for some fun Peter Pan pics!) after that I didn’t feel silly anymore and just decided to take some pics no matter what they looked like. This first pic was the best out of the batch and didn’t turn out that bad I must say haha!
Anyway that was my fun adventure yesterday and it was sooo great to be in my happy place again! The only thing I regret is not taking a proper bump pic haha! Baby girl is growing and I’m 24 weeks (6 months!) along today!

I can’t wait to come back when the Food and Wine Festival kicks in at the end of the week and me and my @dreamygirlgangare gonna eat all the delicious things!

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