New Things, New Beginnings, Lots of Thoughts

Well, for some reason I let my GoDaddy / jetpack / wordpress site go unrenewed and I lost my old blog! Thankfully I was able to save some old posts sans photos so those are living in my drafts at the moment and sometime soon I plan on putting them back up, but for now, I’ve been thinking about a lot of new ideas / habits I want to get into. I want to start blogging again, not like the occasional blog that’s very planned and edited, but I want a space to put down my thoughts, like what blogs used to be. An online journal almost, a la Doogie Howser at the end of each episode (this reference might date me, but thank goodness for good genes and good skin;). Just a place to talk. A place to think about my day. This idea makes me happy.

I think as we near the end of the year I start to get nostalgic, and filled with anxiety about time passing by so fast. I look back where I was 10 years ago and I wonder where the time has gone and how different I was back then. A snapshot of me 10 years ago – It was 2008, I was traveling a lot for work. I don’t even remember where I was because I don’t think the email I used back then exists anymore so I can’t look back on old correspondence! I wasn’t the colorful wearing, Disneyland going (I had a pass but had no time to go), friend making social person I am today. Most of my time was spent working 24/7, traveling for work, wearing black, never sleeping, stressed out, spending money, and never home. I was afraid so afraid of making mistakes that I was very hard on myself and always afraid of what my bosses thought or what other people thought of my work ethic. I didn’t make my relationship a priority. I had no time for friends or family. Coworkers were my family. I didn’t take care of myself besides spending all the money I made cause I could. I was soooo different from who I am now. I don’t look back on that time in a negative way at all. I was absolutely blessed to have an amazing job where I got to travel the world and eat amazing food and be in places where most people weren’t even allowed to go but I knew I had to find a balance because I was burning candles at both ends.

I really have no idea where this blog post is taking me hahah because I really just came on here to talk about my day =) Anyway, I guess I’m just in a deep self reflection mood and I just want all my thoughts to flow. My crazy mind flows every which way so I’m just gonna let it. I guess I’ll go back to what I came here for – Today I started a new job that I’ll be at till mid January and here’s some stuff I posted on social media:


A snapshot from my first day on the new job!

Thanks for following along with my babbling and letting me ramble and not make sense. I look forward to doing this more often! =)

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