Frank and Son Collectible Show

Imagine this, a place where you can let your nerd flag fly freely. A place where you are transported to a comic book convention every Saturday (and Wednesday!). A place where you can find that toy you lost so long ago because your classmate or cousin stole it behind your back when you were kids and now the mere sight of it brings tears to your eyes. Well my friends, if this place sounds like what you’ve been looking for your whole life then welcome to the Frank and Son Collectible Show.If you are a collector of most things than this place will not disappoint. At Frank and Son there are dozens of vendors that buy and sell comic books, toys, baseball cards, sports memorabilia, Disney pins, video games, barbie dolls, Japanese imports, etc. It really is like going to the San Diego Comic Con but on a smaller scale with slightly better parking. Walking down the aisles is like walking down memory lane. At times I’ve seen barbies that I’ve grown up with in addition to collectible toys that were sold out as soon as they were released.
Most recently I’ve seen this gem and am kicking myself at this moment for not buying it on the spot. Hopefully when I go back it’ll be there:
In addition to the toys of your past, present and future, Frank and Son also hold signings for sports, TV, Film, and Comic book stars. Look who’s showing up next week!:
If you are a lover and collector of all things awesome you definitely have to check out the Frank and Son Collectible Show. Here’s the info you’ll need to get there:Address:
19649 E. San Jose Ave
City of Industry, CA 91748They are open two days a week.
Wednesdays 3:00PM – 9:00PM &
Saturdays 9:00AM – 5:00PMBelow are some more pics of the amazingness that awaits you:

Top photo: The huge warehouse of Frank and Son
Quad Photo clockwise from top left to bottom left: The boyfriend staring longingly at Optimus Prime, Knight Rider Kiit Car model, Boy George and Partridge family dolls, old Nintendo games

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