On Having A B Belly

I have a B belly, and no I don’t mean beer belly 🤰🏻⁣⁣

I think when you become pregnant you have all these expectations of what it’s gonna be like. Is there gonna be nausea, what are your cravings going to look like and also how is your body going to change? With me being #plussizeandpregnant, there aren’t a lot of pregnant role models out there for me to see. Most of the ads you see of pregnant ladies are adorably “normal sized” ladies with the perfect, cutest bumps. Round, perfect D shaped bumps. As I started to grow I had to come to terms that my baby bump would not look like that. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

I will say it made me sad because since I didn’t start out at what society thinks is the “ideal weight,” I felt my baby bump wouldn’t look like the ideal bump. For a long time I didn’t really “show” I just looked bigger. My B shaped bump didn’t look like a baby bump, it looked like a big muffin top and a muffin top that grew bigger as my baby grew bigger. ⁣

⁣As my B belly started to get bigger, I was just glad my bump was growing and my baby was healthy. I was glad to look more pregnant, even if my bump wasn’t perfectly round. And even though there are so many stigmas about being overweight and pregnant, my baby is perfectly healthy and growing right on track. Being overweight has not impacted the health of my baby at all, maybe just the look of my bump. I am so thankful that I also have a great doctor who has never judged me for my weight or made me feel less than because of it (Shout out to Dr. Latrice Allen, you are the best!). ⁣⁣

⁣⁣So I wanted to take this pic of my B belly bump for all the mamas who also don’t have what they think is the “ideal” looking baby bump. Just because it doesn’t look like everyone else’s baby bump doesn’t mean your baby won’t be perfectly perfect when he or she arrives. It also doesn’t mean that you are less than beautiful than all the other expecting mamas out there. You glow and grow that bump! 🤰🏻✨⁣⁣

All Rainbow Everything!

Besides pastels, rainbow is my favorite color! There are soooo many amazing rainbow goodies out there that I am coveting right now and with Pride month coming up in June, you can’t help but be covered in rainbows all month long! Below are some of my favorites!

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ModCloth Girl Gang Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot


Many months ago my friends and I teamed up with ModCloth to shoot some pics of their Spring looks! I procrastinated for a long time but finally edited up some footage I shot that day! Here are some behind the scenes of our photo shoot at the Los Angeles Flower Market and my amazing, creative friend Amina’s (@StudioMucci) rainbow gem of a place! Thanks so much to Amina and a huge shout out to her husband Sal (@MrStudioMucci) for setting it all up! Also thanks so much to ModCloth for the gorgeous dresses! Continue reading “ModCloth Girl Gang Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot”

Fairytale Woodland Vibes with ModCloth

This month I am sooooooooo excited to be apart of the ModCloth #Modclothsquad! I’m such a huge fan of ModCloth since way, way back when I found they were one of the only online retailers that made super cute, vintage inspired clothes in my size! Continue reading “Fairytale Woodland Vibes with ModCloth”